LectraLock Electrical Safety Products - Practical, Decorative and Made to Last a Lifetime...

At LectraLock we have developed the safest, most dependable line of electrical outlet protectors available. Made to last a lifetime, each LectraLock electrical outlet protector arrives ready for quick installation - immediately transforming your unprotected electrical outlets into quality electrical safety products with a wide range of benefits.


Durable High-Quality Construction

Made in the USA of 100% GE LEXAN, each LectraLock electrical outlet protector is constructed from the same high-grade material used in motorcycle helmets and other demanding applications where durability and extreme impact resistance is required. It won't crack, or shatter and is designed to last.

Flame-Retardant for Workplace Safety

Both the clear cover and wall plate are constructed from flame-retardant materials. In the event of a shorted plug, the flame retardant cover helps prevent sparks from reaching surrounding flammable materials like carpeting and wood floors.

Attractive Array of Color Choices

As decorative as they are functional, LectraLock electrical outlet covers are beautifully designed in a wide variety of colors to match virtually any residential or workplace setting.


The clear covers allow for visual inspection of plugs at all times - you will know if yours plugs are in or out. The cover can also be rotated to allow the cords to exit from the right or left. Disengaged plugs can be enclosed in an un-plugged position to prevent the accidental use of equipment.


The decorative plates can be installed without the cover, leaving the option of covering your outlets at a moment's notice when needed!

Designed for Maximum Child Safety in Child-Care Environments

At LectraLock, we're serious about child safety. We know that kids are clever and we've taken that into account when designing our products. It requires an understanding of the locking mechanism and adult strength to remove the LectraLock electrical outlet cover. We all know, however, that nothing replaces adult supervision.

Tamper Resistant Design for Workplace Safety

Our commercial line of LectraLock electrical outlet covers includes a padlock model for safety lock-out applications. This ensures workplace safety by preventing the use of sensitive machinery and regulating the use of electrical outlets.

Quick & Easy Installation

LectraLock electrical outlet plates install just like your old plates. It just doesn't get any easier than that! Once installed, our patented design allows the clear cover to be easily removed by adults, so if a plug must be quickly removed during an electrical emergency, you won't be left searching for tools while precious time is lost.

A Variety of Covers for Industrial Applications & Lab Safety

Our LectraLock electrical outlet covers come in a variety of sizes and models to accommodate all your needs, including - Flat , prevents access completely – Standard, suitable for most applications – Large, used for heavy-duty plugs to accommodate appliances, computers and power strips. We even have optional warning labels to further prevent tampering and unauthorized use. All models are available in Duplex and decorator (GFI type) configurations.

Patented Design

Through careful research and development strategies, we developed our LectraLock electrical outlet covers with a patented design that prevents a plug from becoming dislodged even when its cord is pulled. There's no better way to keep your sensitive equipment plugged in. Our cord exit holes are rounded off to prevent chafing.

Assured Quality

LectraLock electrical outlet covers are made in the USA of 100% GE LEXAN and are UL Listed. When something becomes a part of your home, we know you want uncompromising quality!

Lifetime Guarantee

LectraLock electrical outlet protectors are manufactured of engineering-grade materials and designed to last a lifetime. If they ever wear out, we'll replace them for free. *

* Residential applications only