Case Studies

LectraLock®: Leading the Way in Electrical Safety Products

Our electrical products are currently used in residential and commercial applications in all 50 states and in Canada. Since 2001, LectraLock's patented electrical safety products have been installed in households, laboratories, businesses, healthcare facilities, and even animal clinics to protect research, computer equipment, pets, and - most importantly - people. Following are just a few examples that illustrate how LectraLock's electrical outlet protectors are being used to promote electrical safety.

Safety Products for Fire Prevention & Patient Care

In 2004, a fire broke out in Texas once every seven minutes. Over 100 people lost their lives, 731 were injured and $333,745,277 in property damage was reported. After one such fire, Texas State Schools for the Mentally Disabled were directed by the State Fire Marshall to protect the electrical outlets behind each patient's bed.

Electrical outlet covers from LectraLock were selected as the ideal solution to this very common problem. Not only is LectraLock the only electrical safety products manufacturer to produce electrical outlet covers from flame-retardant 100% LEXAN®, the company has also devoted significant research into the development of a patented geometric design that prevents plugs from becoming crushed, damaged or accidentally unplugged.

Schools that now use LectraLock electrical outlet covers include Austin State Hospital, Denton State Hospital, El Paso State School, San Angelo State School, and Mexia State School.

Safer Medications Through Lab Safety

When it comes to lab safety, refrigeration units are critical for keeping vaccinations and other medications protected. In 2004, for example, the Vaccines for Children Program at the Marcus/Hirshorn Vaccination Program faced a real issue with the refrigeration units they used to preserve vaccination serum. Their problem? The nighttime cleaning crew had access to their unprotected electrical outlets. Their solution? Electrical outlet covers from LectraLock - a perfect lab safety device for rendering electrical outlets less accessible and protecting refrigeration units.

Child Safety Precautions for Day Care Programs

Over 4 million U.S. preschoolers spend time at daycare each week - and the importance of child safety within these facilities can never be overestimated. LectraLock is proud to have its patented electrical safety products used to ensure child safety in daycare centers all around the country, including:

  • Aubtie Kims Daycare in California
  • Creative Habitat Children's CTR
  • Cumberland County YMCA in Maine
  • Grace Community Church in Washington
  • Hinna's House in Oregon
  • Rock Academy Childcare in North Carolina

Security Systems & Workplace Safety

It's estimated that U.S. businesses lose over $18 million in revenue per year because of lost data. One of the easiest ways to prevent data loss? LectraLock's commercial line of electrical outlet covers. Three inches deep and extremely durable, these workplace safety products are used extensively to prevent computer and security equipment from becoming unplugged.

Right now, in fact, Liberty Tax Service in New Jersey, Nevada ATM Services in Nevada and Montclaire High School in New Jersey all depend upon electrical outlet covers from LectraLock to protect their sensitive equipment and guard against the potentially devastating loss of data.

Electrical Safety Products for Healthcare Facilities

Curious children love to explore reception lobbies and examination rooms, but unprotected electrical outlets can present a real danger. To overcome this problem and promote workplace safety, forward-thinking healthcare facilities all around the country are installing LectraLock electrical outlet covers to ensure child safety.

Among the many healthcare organizations that have already installed LectraLock's patented safety products are Talbot County Health Department in Maryland, Harbor Health Services in Massachusetts and Indian River County Health Department in Florida.

Protecting Pets from Electrical Outlets

Dogs, cats, and even birds can get into trouble around unprotected electrical outlets. That's why concerned pet care facilities like the Alexandria Animal Hospital in Virginia are using LectraLock electrical outlet covers as a workplace safety precaution to protect their feathered and four-legged patients.

LectraLock is the number one choice for quality electrical safety protection. Learn more about our complete line of commercial and residential products here...