You need quality information to make informed decisions and we welcome your questions about LectraLock®. Please explore our frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that isn't addressed, email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

1Why are your electrical outlet covers better than those inexpensive little plug caps?
This is probably our most commonly asked question and the answer comes down to common sense and child safety. Although caps plug up the outlet holes, they simultaneously prevent your electrical outlets from being used. There are, in fact, many electrical outlets in our homes that are in continuous use, including TV's, stereos, clocks, lamps, toasters, and coffee makers. These devices are commonly plugged in on a permanent basis. Beyond child safety, think about how inconvenient it would to be to pry out a cap and plug in your TV every time you wanted to watch the news. Caps can also become easily lost and, more importantly, they pose a very real choking danger when kids figure out how to remove them or find them laying around. For real life and real child safety, those cute little caps just don't make sense.
2What makes your electrical outlet covers better than competing products?
LectraLock electrical outlet covers are fundamentally very different from any competing product because they are designed to serve as permanent replacements for your standard electrical outlet cover plates. There's nothing gimmicky or temporary about it. Like any other quality fixture you install in your home, lab or workplace, our products will add long-term function and value.
3Is this product an effective childproofing device?
Small children are, by nature, curious about anything new. When you first install your new LectraLock electrical outlet covers, your child may examine them. After it becomes apparent to the child that there is nothing to be had, his or her interest will wane. Although many people will install LectraLock electrical outlet covers as an electrical safety measure to keep plugs from becoming dislodged or damaged, many people will also use them as a childproofing precaution. Therefore, we have designed the cover to operate only with adult strength and an understanding of latching mechanisms. The strength required should keep most children up to age 3 or 4 away from both the outlet and the plugs. We feel that even a very clever child would have great difficulty opening the cover. This does not mean that it is impossible, just very improbable. There are no childproofing products that can replace adult supervision.
4What is polycarbonate and why do you use it?
In brief, polycarbonate is a high performance engineering plastic. It is the same high-grade material used in motorcycle helmets and other demanding applications where durability and impact resistance is required. We have used it in our product because of its flame-retardant qualities and high impact resistance. It is a relatively expensive material and is, therefore, generally used in only the most demanding applications. LectraLock electrical outlet covers are made of 100% PC. When it comes to safety in the home and safety in the workplace, we're the best - and we intend to keep it that way.
5Is the cover reversible so that my plug cords can exit from either side?
Yes. The clear cover can be rotated to allow the electrical cords to exit from either the right or left side. (For maximum safety in the home, we do not recommend installing this product on horizontally mounted electrical outlets, as doing so could give your child an opportunity to stand on the cover and lever it off.)
6Will the cover keep my plugs from falling out of my electrical outlets?
Yes. The holes in the cover are carefully located such that if the cords are pulled upon, they will not dislodge. However, the cover does not physically hold the plugs into the outlet. Therefore, if the plug is worn or loose, the plug should be replaced.
7Will my plug cords be damaged if they are tugged on while inside the cover?
In the interest of both safety in the home and safety in the workplace, our clear covers have been designed with smooth cord exit holes to prevent damage to electrical cord insulation. Under normal conditions, this feature will prevent abrasive damage to both the cover and the electrical cords.
8Is the outlet cover large enough to fit all my plugs?
Good question. During the design phase of our product, we carefully measured the plugs on almost any appliance we thought you might have in your home. We came up with an optimum depth for our line of residential electrical outlet covers that will easily cover about 95% of the plugs you will ever encounter in your home. The “Small Cover” models have 2 inches of depth inside the clear cover. The “Large Cover” models have 3 inches of depth.
9Are LectraLock electrical outlet covers suitable for lab safety applications?
Yes. LectraLock offers a full line of commercial electrical outlet covers for safety in the workplace, including models that are appropriate for lab safety applications. Common lab safety precautions require the constant use of refrigeration units to keep vaccines and other sensitive materials protected; with LectraLock electrical outlet covers, you can ensure these lab safety precautions are met by protecting your equipment from becoming accidentally dislodged by cleaning crews or unauthorized users.
10Will the LectraLock wall plate fit both standard duplex and decorator (GFCI) style receptacles?
Our new models come with an adapter insert and extra screws to allow for the plate to fit equally well on both styles of electrical outlet. If you have an older model that does not fit your outlet and need to exchange it, just give us a call (800-387-0619.)
11Can the LectraLock wall plate be used without the cover?
Yes. If at any time you feel you don't need the extra protection (perhaps when the kids get older or your lab is moved to a new location), simply remove and store the covers. Even without their covers, the outlet plates are decorative and more durable than any other standard plate you can buy. People notice when you have high-end quality fixtures. LectraLock outlets will be noticed.
12What is the difference between the residential and commercial versions of our outlet protectors?
There is no difference, they are the same high quality products. The only reason we categorize our website products into "residential" or "commercial" is that it narrows your search to products that would be most commonly used for your specific application.
13Why are the cord exit holes on the side rather than on the bottom of the cover?
There are 3 functional reasons for this. 1. The side exit acts as a strain relief, therefore reducing the fatigue at the plug cord junction area. This also reducing the chances of the plug falling out. 2. If a plug were to short out, most of the sparks would be contained within the flame retardent cover and therefore, much less likely to fall out of the bottom and onto the floor! 3. The short distance and angle of the cord exit hole on the side prevents the plug from easily disengaging when the cord is pulled on. This is important when the cover is protecting critical equipment.