LectraLock's patented outlet safety/security devices provide for decorative, yet non-compromising, electrical outlet protection. These units come in a variety of colors and will fit all (US) standard electrical outlets, conveniently covering in use or out of use receptacles. All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

The Features...

  • Helps safeguard your children and pets from electrical hazards
  • Covers exposed electrical outlets - even when they're in use!
  • Rounded cord exit holes to prevent cord chafing
  • Prevent plugs from falling out of receptacle - important for computer users!
  • Clear covers allow visual inspection of plug status at all times (flat cover versions are color matched to the wall plate)
  • Child resistant - Requires knowledge of the latch mechanism and adult strength to open
  • All of our products are made of engineering grade resin and are flame retardant and extremely resistant to breakage. This makes them ideal for use behind furniture and doors
  • Plugs can also be enclosed in an unplugged position to prevent use of equipment
  • Decorative plates can be installed without the cover, leaving the option of covering your outlets at a moment's notice when needed!
  • Available in many colors and sizes

How it works...

A typical LectraLock electrical outlet protector incorporates two parts - wall plate and cover. The LectraLock wall plate installs in exactly the same way as your original wall plate. Once this plate is installed, it allows for any one of three different covers to snap on:

  • Flat - this cover will "blank" off the receptacle from being used at all. Unlike a conventional blanking plate, the cover does not require that the receptable be removed or disconnected. The receptable can be restored at any future time by simply prying off the cover with a screwdriver.
  • Medium - This is the most commonly used clear cover. It will fit over most commonly used household plugs. This cover is removable with simple hand pressure applied to the sidewall marked "Press". The device is very child-resistant.
  • Deep - This cover is similar to the standard cover above. However, it covers larger plugs.

LectraLock currently provides two categories of electrical outlet covers: the residential line and the commercial line. These are really the same products with the commercial line consisting of a slightly different selection than the residential line. Each selection is based on typical real-world applications for their respective category.

A word about sizes...

The "LD" models are the smallest size wall plates and covers. These are typically used where there is limited space or a small plug is being used. We recommend the mid-size "LDM" models for most applications. These have wallplates that are about 3/8" larger and cover a great variety of plugs. Additionally these plates will more likely cover up any wall imperfections around the receptacle.

I was pretty skeptical when I first ordered LectraLock outlet covers. I'd actually ordered them as a gift for our friends, thinking that if they turned out to be a disappointment, I could always use them to keep wood chips out of my woodshop outlets. As it turned out, they were beautiful, high-quality items just as advertised. I would recommend them to anyone! -
Roger, Salisbury, MA