Residential Application

Baby-Proofing Electrical Outlets & Child Safety with LectraLock

If you have small children, you know how dangerous an electrical outlet can be. Childproofing a home is not something that can just be done once and forgotten, it requires daily maintenance and inspections. Standard electrical outlet safety covers are either simple plastic plugs that easily fall out or complicated covers that require pushing and sliding in order to plug something in. These traditional covers still make it possible for a persistent child to get at the outlet holes, a frightening thought to any parent. At LectraLock, we have found a solution for these problematic and complicated outlet covers. Our product is easy to install, comes in different designs to suit all your needs, and is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your interior.

The standard LectraLock outlet protector consists of a face plate and a clear plastic cover that snaps onto the face plate. Simply plug your cord into the outlet where the face plate is, feed its end out of the holes in the side of the cover and snap the cover into place. Opening the cover to remove the plug takes adult knowledge and strength, which makes this cover extremely child resistant. LectraLock outlet protectors are made of durable engineering grade plastic which resists shattering and makes them ideal for plugs behind doors and furniture where they might get accidentally bumped into on occasion.

How it works...

A typical LectraLock electrical outlet protector incorporates two parts - wall plate and cover. The LectraLock wall plate installs in exactly the same way as your original wall plate. Once this plate is installed, it allows for any one of three different covers to snap on:

Unlike conventional electrical outlet protectors you might buy for strictly residential use, LectraLock products are design for heavy duty applications where long life and reliability are of paramount importance. Our products are available in both single and double-gang configurations. Please call for large quantity discounts.

  • Flat - this cover will "blank" off the receptacle from being used at all. Unlike a conventional blanking plate, the cover does not require that the receptacle be removed or disconnected. The receptacle can be restored at any future time by simply prying off the cover with a screwdriver.
  • Medium - This is the most commonly used clear cover. It will fit over most commonly used household plugs. This cover is removable with simple hand pressure applied to the sidewall marked "Press". The device is very child-resistant.
  • Deep - This cover is similar to the standard cover above. However, it covers larger plugs.